Hole in the Wall

When a simple moving of the furniture wont do, you can always permanently fix it.

Before you Start

Wait! Don't seal those walls up quite yet. Let double check everything is how it should be.

Tape. Fill. Sand.

With the swift stroke of a mud knife I will whip you into a mudding machine.. and keep puns to a minimum along the way.

Hanging Boards

Stagger the joints and rasp those butts ends. If this doesn't make sense to you... then you are in the right place.

From The Blog

  • Pole Sander

    Everyone’s least favorite┬ápart, so make it easy on yourself with this tool.
    Its literally a hand sander on a pole.
    This pole allows you to reach high […]

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  • Hand Sander

    This hand sander is used on finer spots or anywhere the pole sander will not work.
    Use a 120 grit or finer sand paper.
    Preference the mesh […]

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  • Corner Drywall Knife

    This tools is meant to save you time dealing with all those inner corners.
    Used after the taping step on the coating step.
    This will both help […]

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